VA Loan in Orange County

Are you searching the California housing market for a new home? If you need a VA home loan for a house, condo, manufactured home or other property for sale in Orange County, this page collects some important information you’ll need to begin or continue your search.

The VA loan guaranty limit for Orange County is $675,000 for 2012. Learn more about VA loan limits at

The Department of Veterans Affairs Phoenix Regional Loan Center (RLC) has jurisdiction for Orange County.  You can contact the Phoenix VA RLC directly for assistance with a variety of VA loan issues including Certificates of Eligibility, issues or concerns over VA appraisals, unique loan issues, Orange County loan limits, etc. Visit the Phoenix RLC official site at:

Contact information:
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Regional Loan Center
3333 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012-2402

VA loans are available for condominiums and planned unit developments in California. The condo must be on or added to the VA approved list. A list of VA-approved condominium projects and planned unit development projects can be found at:

At this website, you can search within Orange County, within a specific city in the county or within the entire state of California. No new California planned unit development entries have been added to the list since VA discontinued its review and approval of these types of projects. The responsibility for adding planned unit developments to the approved list is now with lender. Condo units must still be VA-approved.

Do you need information about the possible closing costs associated with a VA home loan for a home for sale in Orange County? The Department of Veterans Affairs pamphlet on Closing Costs published by the Phoenix VA Regional Loan Center can help. Download it at: